Monday, July 8, 2013

Long time, no see...

I have not posted much in a while but I'm back. I've been on a card-making vacation as it were and looking for a job in the interim. But I have picked up another hobby that I've grown to love...beading. In particular, bead weaving. Basically taking bead thread and beads or crystals and arranging them in a beautiful pattern. There are some very talented jewelry makers out there. I am just a copy-cat in comparison. In the short time I've been away I have created some very nice pieces from other creators and have completely fallen in love with the hobby. They are nice enough for me to wear everyday or special occasions. I've been busily learning new techniques wherever I can find a pattern. (usually YouTube and magazines) I thought I would share some with everyone. Keep coming back I promise to get a post in every couple days.I recently took a class for a bangle . I will definitely post that pretty piece in a few days when it is complete.

Note: The pictures do not do these pieces justice. I still haven't quite figured out how to best photograph these pretty little treasures. But I will keep trying. 

This first is one that I recently made. I got the pattern from my Bead and Button Magazine, taught me how to use Pondo or African Circle stitch. I was so excited by the outcome of this sparkly bracelet I wore immediately after I finished it. 
This was one of my first sets. This pattern came out of my Beaded Allure book. For this one the pattern called for a Picot stitch. I love it and wear it when I am going out or during the day. It works for either one.

 I LOVE the color purple. So you will probably see it represented here A LOT! I do try to go outside my comfort zone when in comes to color. One of my favorite recent additions Also from Beaded Allure.

This set I made sort of on a whim. I liked the pattern so much. It looks like something a bride would wear on her wedding day. Also from Beaded Allure. I used crystals in the netting instead of the pearls that were part of the original pattern. I think it gives it a lighter feel.

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